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To clarify my foster dad thought I was doing this when I was about eleven maybe younger and his remedy was to sit me down at the kitchen table for what seemed like hours (you know when your bum goes square and even your legs go numb) after giving me a good couple of smacks that is and the proceeded to tell me I was a dirty little weirdo that I was sick, filthy (I, ll leave out the swear words and most of the threats in between ) the most memorable threat was he was going to send me back to social services bearing in mind I had been placed with them at 4 months old so the thought terrified me I remember crying and begging him not to to the point where I was almost sick when I was told don't you dare you (and the above insults came again) the result was I believed it I didn't have any physical contact with a woman until I was twenty (not even kissing) because in my mind it was as though I thought they would somehow think the same my first and second relationships where a train wreck and my third which I'm in now is amazing my partner accepts who I am and she loves the sub side when I'm in that mood and her dom side which she never had before and when I'm not dressing up I'm the normal dom and she's the sub we both think it's fantastic so to see it being called a disorder makes me kinda angry ( I have a lot of that)

March 7, 2015 - 6:37pm


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