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Me and my boyfriend made out with out clothes on.. after a while, i removed his shorts leaving only his underwear.. Is it possible for me to become pregnant? i dont know if y period is late.. i can't take the pregnancy test coz im only 16.. we made out on November 1. im experiencing stuff that happens both to pregnant women and when girls are experiencing PMS (Breast issues, BLoating, thick Vaginal discharge but no smell, fatigue) so far, no nausea or morning sickness, or cramps.. being moody is normal for me.. even having food cravings coz I want different tastes of food everyday.. i also have this line on my belly (linea nigra) since birth.. Im a bit worried coz I feel like my belly is bloating.. please tell me what to do.. I've been reading lots of stuff in the internet that really made me worried and stuff.. I read that Ascorbic Acid can help terminate early pregnancy.. Im not ready to be a parent yet.. I have't tld anybody about this coz Im scared and Im afraid of my parents.. my bf told me there's nothing to worry about but i just can't help it.. im thinking maybe im just really stressed and paranoid bcoz of the stuff I read on the net.. Please Help Me. Thanks.

November 19, 2014 - 7:23am


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