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ya i will write you back after this weekend. That is if he still takes me. knowing my luck he will change his mind and not go. He was just talking about it tonight saying that he would rather use his money to put an exspensive front mount inercooler on his car just to make it look cool. I am so tired of him being so materialistic. Okay i think things are completely backwards in our relationship. 1. I barely bitch about anything but OMG he bitches about EVERYTHING. 2. He takes two showers a day knowing our water bill is high. 3. He is so materialistic (choosing materials over things that actually matter). I strive to be perfect in his eyes but it does not make a difference in what i really do anymore. I feel as if i am in a love/hate relationship. Everything is so complicated with him. And he calls me crazy, well i wonder why! men are so dumb. but honestly i do not want to go the rest of my days in starvation of a sex life. lol. but i keep push'n along and trying my hardest to make things work. well i geuss i will have to wait and see what happens after this weekend. talk to you then.

October 26, 2010 - 4:24am


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