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Anonymous (reply to is_he_cheating)

At least he said something...when he acussed u from wanting to cheat on him, you should have said "are you going to do something about it or wait till i do it?" i hate that about men, they know there is something wrong, they know that in any time u will cheat, and even then they dont do anything to make you think differently. My bf asked me some time ago, when we were about to sleep, he huged me and said, baby would you cheat on me?...i was soooooo mad,cause i realized that he was AWARE that what was happening could make me think of cheating on him...and i said, "if you are so worried about that, instead of thinking in that posibility DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!"...tell me what happend on the weekend? what did he say?? if he invited you to some place like how you discribe it, then must have been something big...

October 25, 2010 - 8:26am


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