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hey i am having the same problem. i dont know what the problem is we have not had sex in over a year now. he is 30 and i am 19. we have been together for almost 4 years now and we had a baby boy four months ago. i have been asking for quite some time why we dont have sex and his exuses are always "im tired i had to work today" so i ask on his day off and his exuse was "this is my only day off and i just want to relax." I got concerned so started wearing makeup everyday and dressing up sexy, but still nothing. I weigh 119 pounds and i did not recieve any strechmarks from my pregnancy (thank god) my body looks the exact same way it was before i got pregnant. so i dont think it is the way i look. i have asked him if something is wrong and if he was ok and he tells me "nothing is wrong im fine" then he ask's me why i am asking and i just tell him "i was just checking" because if i tell him it is because we dont have sex, he gets mad and says "i just dont feel like it". It hurts my feelings and i am scared. i dont know what to do. i am hoping someone can help us because i dont know how long i can take this. It eats at me because just the way he looks at me is horrifying. Things are not the same anymore and i almost feel dead inside.

October 14, 2010 - 2:39pm


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