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Hi Pat, You always write the best articles, but this one I take issue with. As a breast cancer survivor I like that companies are donating. I spport them even if it is capped at $20,000.00 or just .05 per item for one week, it is money that would not have gone to help otherwise. Yes it is vague that companies say "breast cancer research" as to where the money is being donated, but this is a legal thing if they don't have a cap. I know this because my company donates a percentage to breast cancer research. We of course do but we can't guarentee a fixed amount because we use an entire year of sales, not just one month or week or day. Also by not listing the charity you can include several charities. I have been given drugs that were funded by the Komen charity and participated in an exercise program research supported by the American Cancer and Komen who garner many of their dollars through sponsorships.Of course there unfortunately are scammers, but responsible companies, like Yoplait, New Balance, Wacol, Haralee.Com, etc are the real deal!

October 9, 2010 - 8:57am


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