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Well, I don't think that any guilt that a pregnant woman feels after an abortion can match the life of pain and suffering that an unwanted child will come to know. My mother had me in highschool and was totally unprepared for me and my father he married her for a short time but found another woman shortly there after. I had a step father who abused the heck out of me and my mother was to dependant on him financially since she had a few kids with him to give a darn about what was happening to me. I think the decision to have and keep me was selfish and thoughtless. I have asked my mother why she didn't opt for an abortion and she says because it wasn't safe and it was illegal in those days. I can't even fathom the lack of remorse she shows for the life I have known. I wouldn't put my worst enemy through what I have seen or known of this world let alone a child. So if you are out there contimplating an abortion go get it.

Raising children without resources is impossible and you wouldn't want to inflict that kind of pain on the innocent. Children do not ask to be born, selfish people have them for their own glorification. If you are to far along by all means consider adoption. I am 43 now, so I am not speaking to you from a young persons perspective, and have pretty much had this same attitude since I was in second or third grade. I told my mother that I would not have children when I was eight and I do not regret the decision, coming from my backround, I realize my capacity to love another is skewed and I wouldn't bring another into this world without being able to guarentee them a bountiful existence.

October 25, 2010 - 8:27pm


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