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We live in Wake County, Raleigh-Rolesville-WakeForest NC- They believe we should have 3 or more in one class infested before informing the entire class that your child has been exposed. Because of this policy, we have unknowingly spread it to a child at our church and to myself. I am outraged that they have made this choice for my household! This is an extremely disruptive parasite to your person and your environment!!! After treatment we recomb for nits each night, bag her head in gel to sleep each night. We are only one week into this and it's a nightmare! We have several items all over the home bagged up. We have been washing in hot water for a week every day! Vacuumed every possible surface, from our home to the vehicles! Knowledge is power! Inform people before we spread it in our homes, communitites and schools. Have it in your home and say you do not want to be informed!!! Keep gels, oils, and hair sprays in your head to prevent re infestation! And keep combing for nits if your child does have it. Be diligent! I am exhausted each night and so is my 9 yr old daughter but we do it!!! I will be getting a petition to get this policy changed. Email and phone calls are practically cost free to inform a classroom. It's 2011 and the bugs are becoming Super Bugs, becoming resistant to treatments...let's demand for ourselves to be informed!!!!

February 18, 2011 - 11:22am


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