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The American Academy of Pediatrics released their updated clinical guidance on head lice earlier this week (http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE66P59K20100726) and have excellent discussions about the various treatment options available.

Their first-line treatment recommendations continue to be permethrin solutions because of their low toxicity levels and relative efficacy.

Of note, none of the products mentioned in the post are FDA approved - few have any deep clinical information to substantiate their claims of efficacy and safety, and a concern of the AAP is whether or not the risk of a product outweighs a benefit.

I'd encourage all to thoroughly read the document embedded in the ThomsonReuter's article on this new clinical guidance and make decisions based upon their reviews/recommendations of available products.

They stand behind not using lindane-based products, keeping kids in school, and working directly with the child's pediatrician/health care professionals to 1. make a proper diagnosis 2. select the best treatment based upon the child's level of infestation.

July 28, 2010 - 6:23am


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