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Hi HelpNeeded,
Yes, you can swim while you are menstruating.

I read that you had a question about tampons EmpowHER: 14 year old daughter, periods and tampon size?, and that is great that you are doing your research!

Women who choose to swim while they are menstruating use a tampon. If you are worried about your period being too heavy, you have a few options:
1. Try swimming first while your period is on a lighter flow day
2. Swim with a trusted friend or family member who can discreetly let you know if you are spotting.
This is just so you can begin feeling comfortable swimming with a tampon, and trust that the tampon will work. Most women with regular periods do not soak-through their tampon during the few hours they would swim. You would need to schedule a few bathroom breaks and bring a tampon with you to change during the day.

Women do not typically spot or continue bleeding heavily while in the pool, but if your periods are extremely heavy (soaking through more than one pad or tampon every hour), you may want to talk with your doctor.

Does this information help?

June 27, 2010 - 8:00pm


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