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First of all, congratulations on deciding to try for a baby! That's really exciting.

OK. Let's see if we can figure out what's going on.

1. You took most of the birth control pills in your pack.
2. During the last week of your pack, you got behind on your pills. You also had intercourse during this time.
3. You decided not to finish that pack.
4. You had your period. (So at this point, you aren't pregnant.)
5. You started your new pack. And had intercourse in first 7 days.
6. Took one pill, got behind, caught up.
7. Started having spotting and light bleeding.
8. Stopped taking pills.

Do I have that all correct?

It's possible you are pregnant, but my guess would be this: That the changes in the levels of your hormones when you missed pills caused some breakthrough bleeding, and it was very light partly because you'd just had a period and not much uterine tissue would have built up yet.

For you to have become pregnant that first week, you'd have had to have intercourse and then ovulate within about 3 days. And sometimes when coming off birth control, we don't ovulate the first month. However, other times women ovulate AND get pregnant while taking their birth control regularly. So it can happen.

Since you'd already decided to try for a baby, and since you've already stopped your pills, if I were you I would just continue to have intercourse this month and see if your period is late. And good luck to you! Please come back and let us know what happens!

June 25, 2010 - 9:59am


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