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Thank you for sharing your article with me. I am in a similar situation right now where my boyfriend and I have been in a 6 month relationship and I have currently caught him masturbating in the mornings next to me while watching porn on his phone. This started happening within the 5th month of our relationship and after catching him, I asked him why hewas doing this. He apologized aand said he didnt want to have scheduled sex with me all the time and and that he wants to keep it freshand passionate. So then why masterbate? After masterbating, he will typically still come to me for sex, but after this talk with him, he apologized and said yes this is disrespectful. So the next morning he decided to walk into the bathroom for 30 min, thinking that I was asleep and he jacked off in there with his porn. He came back into the room all suspicious and hugged me and he pretended to go back to sleep. I started playing with him, but he said he was too tired. I dont understand what is going on. I feel like im a 3rd wheel, now only to satisfy his needs and not mine. He made the rule that he only wants to have sex when its spontaneous and not everyday. Obviously the porn has gotten in the way and there is no other excuse but that. Our relationship has trickled and im ready to leave. He is 24 and I am 36. Please give me some advice.
Thank you

January 21, 2015 - 8:23am


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