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I feel rejected by my bf too bcuz we are long distance only few hours drive apart though. yet we only see each other maybe once every two months if lucky, other then that he does fulltimes schooling but when we are together it feels like he doesnt want to have sex with me, we rarely do and Ive seen porn on his phone each time. I just feel like he need to feel how it feels to stop doing that, not even me getting over it cause i will never get over the fact he's turned on by other naked girls and not by me, i dont like boasting but im very attractive and hav a nice big butt, but seems the only way we can even have sex is if i completly try going for it if he hasnt alredy pushed me off. Do you think this is due 2 porn, i know he doesnt cheat, hes always at home then school and i text him like 24/7 when hes not in class. Is it bad i said to not watch porn unless im there with him? cause otherwise i dont see why be in a relationship when your not wanted, physically , sexually and all,MAINLY,cuz all guys are suposed to want that but he doesnt seem to.. ughh i just feel let down. ps we are both 21, im sure hes not over sex......

December 19, 2014 - 4:13am


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