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Thank you so much for your response! I will check out those websites you recommended. It made me so mad to read how that medical community ignored you, both at the time of birth and when you were seeking support and information about your daughter. Grrr
My son does not appear to have been affected physically. He was a lethargic baby that would fall asleep at the breast very quickly and therefore needed to feed very regularly. I thought it was because he was large (9lb10oz) but realise now he was probably anaemic from the hypovolemia.
He sat, crawled, and walked much earlier than my daughter, however toilet training was a struggle and he occassionally wets the bed. The damage appears to be behavioural/learning. I mentioned he speaks in incomplete sentences, and when it comes to schooling he has a fairly short-term memory, poor concentration and is impulsive. He is scoring very low in his testing so far.
He is a loving, brave and sensitive boy, he loves dancing, music and football.
I have arranged for him to start music lessons to see if this can help "flex his brain muscle" (as I call it, to assist him to focus).
We're off to the doctors tomorrow for a referral to a specialist for testing, thankfully his school is very supportive and aware that all is not right.

With the recent discussions with his school and the need to have this testing done, it has been a painful time for me reliving his birth, the trauma, and all the regret I feel. Not to mention anger. Thank you for letting me share on your page, it has been helpful.


May 29, 2011 - 4:44am


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