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Anonymous (reply to Joanna Karpasea-Jones)

Hi Joanna
Thank you for a great article - I just wanted to say I read your comment about your child having the cord cut before birth. This happened to me and my precious son as well :( He had a double nuchal cord and the midwife immediately tried to unravel, pull etc and disturbed my natural labour. She then cut the cord without permission and my son's shoulders had not rotated, I couldn't push him out quickly. He too had very low apgar scores, required resuscitation and we were separated for many hours. At age 7 he speaks in incomplete sentences and has learning difficulties - both his parents are academics and his older sister starting writing books at the age of 10yrs.
The articles about immediate cord clamping are so important, I think more of them should also mention that in the event of a nuchal cord a 'care' provider might also cut the cord before the baby is born - before any attempt to deliver or proof the baby cannot continue to descend. I saw a video of a hospital birth with this happening only last night, and I felt physically sick knowing the life-long impact that unnecessary and cruel procedure can have.

Are you aware of any blogs, articles or online support groups that exist?

My son is in the process of being referred to a specialist to be assessed for behavioural/learning difficulties, have you already been down this road?

Kind regards,

May 28, 2011 - 4:08am


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