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Sadly im going through the same thing. I've been with this man 4 years not living together had a few issues but of coarse I forgave him. Recently got married and I left my family, my job everything to move in with him in a different state. I've seen small signs and of coarse he has an excuse for everything and I prefer to trust his word than go through his phone but these signs pushed my to it I broke in to both his old and new phone and read to multiple conversations with females. He tells them he lives on base others that's he lives off base with a room mate. Some seem friendly and a few "emotional" relationships I would consider and I was so blown away because I've sacrificed so much and he plays this jealous spouse with me but it's obviously a cover up for him. But the thing is I've had one X that I remained friends with and eventually had to cut off because those weren't his intentions but my husband refuses to let that go that's always his come back. But prior to reading his messages I researched how to approach a cheating husband and it all went out that window when I was looking through his phone the other night I texted every females our wedding picture and just them know he's married and then I slapped the shit out of his to wake his up and 3 in the morning. My marriage is still fresh and now I know what he thinks marriage really is but once again the excuses come he's do anything for me he loves me they mean nothing the things I say to them I never fall threw I just say it to say it and I beleve that because he lives about stupid shit but his intentions are what really hurts me whether you acted it or not. So now I feel just emotionally drained and I feel trapped because I have a job here and I'm going to school when in reality all I want to do is leave and let him come home to and empty house literally because I did all the shopping and he's paying me back... Question is should I keep trying, try to build back the trust again or leave him when the semester ends? I'm ashamed to tell anyone what I'm going through honestly so I like that this is anonymous

February 25, 2015 - 12:07am


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