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I have had retinal detachment surgery in both eyes, right '99 with buckle , left 2010 vitrectomy & gas and then 2013 cryotherapy / laser plus silicone oil. This was a catalyst for cataract so in 2014 they removed oil & did cataract surgery. Had 2 yag capsulotomy as cloudy vision and I complained of starbursts around lights, particularly headlights and street lamps. Yag made little difference. Given drops reluctantly- horrible - my brow ached and I felt sick on then. Struggling to drive at night! Right eye needs cataract surgery too now - consultant think a it's a retinsl issue & it didn't show up because the cataract was blocking it! I wonder if it's the kens though? Read this issue us referred to a as dysphotopsia ?

July 30, 2015 - 3:05pm


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