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I came across your post nearly three years later. If you are still in pain, I highly recommend Dr. Scott Russo, a chiropractor that uses the disc pump, cold laser, and trigger point therapy to put the discs back in place so they can heal and ultimately, refill with gel. He learned many years ago from professional and personal experience with injured discs that traditional chiropractic methods only worsen matters. When you rotate the vertebra in the traditional chiropractic treatment, you only squeeze more gel out of the disc, increasing the speed in which it deflates. Dr.
Russo's treatments is painless and it works. I have herniated discs in my neck, mid-back and low back. When I learned of Dr. Russo I was in extreme pain. Traditional chiropractic had worsened my problem in all areas of my body. The medical community gave me little hope outside surgery or pain meds. I've seen Dr. Russo regularly for some time and am nearly completely well, but I felt relief immediately and continued to improve with each visit. His treatment is unusual and I don't know if there is anyone else out there practicing the same way. His work is based on trigger point therapy and neurology, muscle therapy, and spinal alignment, but he does not rotate or "crack" bones. He is often visited as a last resort or after multiple failed surgeries and yet he is still able to bring relief and often healing. Medical science disagrees that it's even possible to heal a herniated disc, but many of his patients have the MRI's to prove it. See Dr. Russo's work at discpump.net. Tell him Le Nette sent you. :) I hope this helps. If not you, others suffering with back pain. He's worth the visits even if you're out of the area.

March 10, 2013 - 12:29am


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