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I am curious what your doctor has told you about HPV?

I will do some more research on this, but from my understanding the LEEP procedure is done to remove abnormal or precancerous cells, but is not a "cure". Some of the lower risk strains of HPV are eventually suppressed by your immune system. However, other types of viruses (like the higher risk strains of HPV) never completely leave your system, and there is no "cure" for HPV (similar to Herpes). These viruses can be treated, symptoms can be suppressed and minimized, but you may always have HPV.

Your husband may also be infected with HPV, so yes, theoretically you two may be re-infecting each other (and/or becoming symptomatic) if you do not use barrier contraception (condoms).

Let me do some more research, to see if there is any new information that I may be missing. I am surprised that your doctor did not tell you more about the virus, and I'm wondering if you were told that the LEEP and Cryo were CURES or just to REMOVE abnormal cells (to prevent cancer...not to get rid of HPV).

I'm sorry about the frustration in your relationship, too, and we can talk more about this once I double-check my facts and research any new information related to HPV.

January 14, 2010 - 2:36pm


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