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I had hpv since 2011 and basically was low risk but i was pregnant the whole year until 2012 june and everything was fine on may 2013 i got my pap in plan parenthood been there for years so my pap came normal so they just said come back this year and of its normal that thats good news well one my gyn who deliver me with my son wanted do biopsy because when i was pregnant he notice abnormal cells so i did in may 2014 he said i had cin 2/3 that i need it cone surgery but because i had no ins i went to plan parenthood and second to see why my paps were good and biopsy said other thing well gyn said she need do papa as my annual thing and from there we talk and not think it was cancer it was early still well in week she calls saying this time it was abnormal and need it do biopsy so i was schedule in july 9 which only available they were booked and they reschedule me for july 23 because there doctor had emergency i ask if was ok wait i had cin 2/3 but they said last year was ok so they basing on there records i should be ok but what should i do is it ok wait idk what to do i get worry because these is first year i get high risk should i have unproted sex still with bf still haven receive medical but plan parenthood are going do it for me cause i have family pack ! Feel its taking long

July 13, 2014 - 9:52pm


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