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I'm so glad to hear back from you.

I will ask one of our medical experts to respond to your question, to see if there are any lasting effects of chemotherapy treatment that involve painful intercourse.

The medical expert may want to know a few more details about your wife's situation, and just to anticipate any questions, do any of these factors related to your wife's current status:
- inadequate lubrication in the vagina before or during sex
- fear of penetration
- vaginal infection

Has she been to her GYN recently for an annual exam? As you know, chemo can "kill" some of the "good cells" or otherwise cause some weakness in the immune system, and she may have a vaginal infection (easily treated with antibiotics), or she may be coincidentally going through some hormonal changes that alter how much natural lubrication she produces. (Can you let us know her age for the medical experts?).

I just wanted to rule out some of the more "obvious" factors, so that the medical expert has all of the information beforehand; I understand you are primarily worried about another cancer diagnosis.

In the meantime, you can read another EmpowHer expert discuss Pain during Sex (Matthew Karlovsky M.D.), with the medical term "dyspareunia".

We will get back to you soon.

December 15, 2009 - 1:51pm


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