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Thanks for your question.

Pain during intercourse is definitely a symptom of either physical or emotional condition, whether it be from an infection or emotional trauma.

However...this probably does not apply to your wife's situation, as you further explain that she can't even be touched in this area. By "this area", are you referring to her genitals overall (vagina, vulva, etc) or specifically her vagina during intercourse?

Most importantly: how is her breast cancer being treated? What medications is she on, and is she only uncomfortable in "this area" during intimate times, or all the time? Are other parts of her body painful/uncomfortable, or only the area you are referencing?

I'm curious what your wife has explained to you, as far as the sensations she is experiencing. Is she feeling pain when anything is inserted in her vagina (penis, finger), or is there pain with any type of touching in her genital area---whether it be during an intimate time with you, or also when she is wiping with toilet paper after using the restroom, or washing herself during a shower? Is there an emotional component to the discomfort as well, that she is afraid to be intimate at a time when another part of her body is undergoing treatment? Is she wanting to be physically intimate with you in other ways (other than genital stimulation), but unable to communicate with you about this---so she just says "it hurts"? It may be painful, depending on her current treatments, but just wanted to inquire with you if she has explained that it is more of a physical or emotional (or both) cause.

December 15, 2009 - 1:04pm


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