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Update from Dr's, Monday 12/14 ...
Well I finally got some answer's :) The Dr did indeed see a large amount of cysts on the overlies. He also noticed that my lying was very thick. Dr is definitely sticking with the original diagnosis PCOS. He is going to have me get blood work done in the morning (12hr fasting) Than he has referred me to an OBGYN that he works with on a regular basis for a Pap smear. Than on 12/30 he is going to do a test that will allow him to get a better look and take some tests to help him decide what is the correct plan and or procedure for me.
Dr has put me on birth control just for now so that I stop bleeding and regain a normal cycle. Also, he is unable to do the testing on 12/30 if I'm bleeding.
I was able to go and check out the link's.....they all are great and full of info!!!
Thanks again, I will update when I see the OBGYN.

December 14, 2009 - 7:28pm


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