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why am i always moody, not often hungry and do not feel like eating and why am i always tired?

i have felt this way for about about a year now, and i have recently been to the doctors and they diagnosed me with depression, they have advised me to get counciling to see if that helps, i dont think that that is the right diagnosis for my symtoms and i do not wish to go along with the counciling. Everyone is telling me i am moody and that gets me down even more, i always seem to get annoyed with the slightest things, and its now really upsetting me. i personally think its to do with my hormones and i want something to try and stop them from making me like this.
i need help, are you about to tell me what you think is wrong with me and what i should do about it?
i cant cope like this anymore,

December 23, 2009 - 4:41am


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