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You don't need to have all the symptoms...just one may be an indication. Lightheadedness and weakness is a classic hypoglycemia symptom.
Regarding feeling this way after you eat: you may not be eating the right things, so follow the instructions in the article for a while. Also, you may already be in a high adrenaline mode because of low blood sugar when you feel that way, and simply eating doesn't fix that. It can take time for that alarm response to low blood sugar to resolve. That's why breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it's important to get a firm footing for your blood sugar first thing every day.
Hypoglycemia and diabetes are two totally different things - they are basically unrelated.
I would suggest that you NOT think in terms of having to give up sugar forever, nor would I suggest trying to "figure out" from reading alone whether you have hypoglycemia. Also, a blood test is unreliable for hypoglycemia - it might miss it. Most people with hypoglycemia don't have such low blood sugar that it would show up on a blood test, but they still have a strong reaction when their body perceives a low blood sugar reaction.
The best way to figure it out is to follow the hypoglycemia diet, and see if it helps you (so, you'd give up refined sugar temporarily.) Then, if/when you're feeling better, you can try eating the old way again, and see how it makes you feel. In other words, after you're better, go back and try to induce a hypoglycemic reaction and see if you can reproduce the symptoms you are concerned about.
By the way, unless they've changed the recipe, Nutella is made with partially-hydrogenated oils, which means it has the dreaded and terribly unhealthy trans-fats. You are better off eating zero of those, ever.
You can replace nutella on your bread with nut butter, and melt a small piece or two of healthy dark chocolate onto it. Much better, and better for hypoglycemia too.

April 28, 2012 - 9:06pm


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