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Anonymous (reply to Dr. Daniel Heller)

Thanks for your speedy reply Dr. Heller. I've considered Narcolepsy actually, but have ruled it out as the only symptom I possessed was sleep paralysis. But I don't think I feel tired so much as I feel sleepy, it's really sudden sleepiness that I feel. I've also considered Hypoglycemia. Correct me if I'm wrong, that's where the blood sugar is low, no? Sometimes I wonder if I do have that because of how I feel when I'm hungry or wait too long to eat. In you second article, it mentions feeling irritable and cranky, shaky and tired when hungry or when you don't eat on time. And I do feel like that when I'm hungry and don't eat on time. I also feel some sort of.... light-headedness or weakness. Is that a symptom of low blood sugar? Also, sometimes after I eat, I still feel the same way! Why is that? By the way, does Hypoglycemia means that I have diabetes? I also still feel hungry sometimes after eating and sometimes I get hungry quicker or a lot. But do I need to stop eating sugar all together? Now that I read that article, I do sometimes feel sleepy after lunch, but not all the times. But I don't crave rice, pasta or anything like that. But umm sometimes I crave bread and nutella :/ I understand that's very fattening and loaded with Carbohydrates. The five questions asked in that first article, only two apply to me.

April 28, 2012 - 7:57pm


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