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Anon, everything you're saying confirms what I said before, and I agree with your online friend, too. I also think you are suffering from a lack of perspective, because you are not a failure, and you may not have yet found your reason for living, but I would say you are here for a reason.
I can understand your hesitancy to discuss this with your parents - but you are also saying you don't have anyone else to talk to about it. You could talk to someone at your church about your life, it sounds like your parents wouldn't object to that. Maybe your pastor will even point out that if you are not a lawyer and don't have a degree by now, maybe what everyone expected of you didn't work out because it isn't God's plan for you. On the other hand, I think all of this pain and unhappiness and suffering isn't the plan for you, and you need some help to get out of the rut you've found yourself in.
I think you should read on here about depression, and your options. Remember, your parents truly want what is best for you. They may not at first believe you, but ultimately they want you to thrive and succeed. And, it's not fair for you to expect them to guess what you are experiencing inside if you don't show them, and don't tell them. You will have to express yourself to them - and you'll probably have to be a little bit stubborn and insist that you are truly unhappy.
I wish you the best. Please don't think you can solve this problem online - you need to take action in real life.

Dr. Daniel Heller
PMS Comfort

April 19, 2012 - 5:44pm


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