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(reply to drtenney)

I am post about 8 years now,My husband and I no longer enjoy sex.I feel very raw and burning during and after sex.My Dr.checked and told me women's lining becomes very thin after menpause.No matter what lubricant we use it is still very painful.My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Sept.His psa level was 34,now 16 after hormone treatment.He no longer is interested in sex either. I will get some vitamin E and lactobacillus suppositories and try them.I do remember having lots of infections when I was younger,and my kids were small.The uroligist told me my uretha tube was small and urine would not empty completely from my bladder.He did stretch it in a day care surgery and it did stop until about 1 year ago,Maybe I need that again?? Thanks For the Information.It was very helpful.This is very frustrating and I don't like taking so many antibiotics....

November 20, 2009 - 5:44pm


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