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Hello I am Hypothyroid (Hashimoto's). Synthetic thyroid (T4) hormones don't work for everyone. Standard labs don't everyone either. Some Doctors look at differents labs (free T3, reverse T3, 24 urine sample to check to see how much thyroid is in the tissues etc...) Some Doctors tell you your labs are great when your hair is still falling out....I became very ill on synthetic thyroid (T4 only),severe pain in joints, horrible fatigue, hair loss etc...Some of the websites that helped me were the following:


You just need a Doctor that will help you try the different thyroid choices. Some thyroid is taken from pigs, some from cows, some seem to have great success with T3 only, some have great success with Dr Holtorf's long acting T3 only thyroid. Don't give up you can get well. I am still trying to find the right thyroid for me with the help of a great Doctor (tried westhroid, trying bovine, next will try ERFA's sublingual thyroid. The fillers can make a big difference also. Some people have adrenal issues that need to be addressed also. Read the testimonials of people that became healthy and got their lives back for a great pick me up.

Don't give up...till you find the right Doctor for you team and the right thyroid replacement.

God Bless,

December 20, 2010 - 2:05pm


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