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ok i have tons of questions about the whole thing, i was just diagnosed about a week ago (type 1, in the genitals), but it is what i know now to be my second outbreak, i am 8 months pregnant, and so confused. i am married, we have been together for a year now. the person i got it from i was not with very long and we used protection and i did not have oral sex with him, i have learned that condoms don't always protect against this virus. i am still trying to learn all that i can and other than my husband have no one to turn to for help, i confided in my mother only to be knocked down, she thinks i am going to give it to her i guess, she cleans her bathroom every time i use it. i have kinda stopped talking to her about it all, i just would like to know my risks, i have been with my husband for over a year and just found out i have had the virus of over a year and half. my husband has had no signs of the virus but i know that u don't always have to.
i guess my question is is there any point in protecting ourselfs from one another?
and as far as me being pregnant would it be smarter for me to opt for the c section no matter what?
i don't see the risk as being worth it. but i don't know much about the virus, just the things i have read and what my doc has told me. im just trying to get all the info i can to make the best informed decisions i can, i never dreamed of having to deal with anything like this in my whole life, i tried to be safe and not sleep around, so this came as a big surprise to me, so just trying to deal with it now....
thanks for ur time JM

November 8, 2012 - 12:20pm


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