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My grandmother was raped when she was 84. It was a violent disgusting act. Someone waited in the car while the deed was done. The man was an illegal alien who did not speak English. It was done as an act of revenge against my father and very racially motivated. The man is still in prison. He's very lucky - the police found him before my father and brothers did.

The driver of the car who waited while he raped my grandmother served not a day. He was also an illegal alien. My personal belief is that while he may not have raped her, the fact that he drove the rapist 25 miles out in the country, sat in the car and did nothing but listen to her scream, makes him culpable. He participated in this crime as surely as if he'd raped her as well.

The bystanders are culpable - if in no other way than simply not being a "good samaritan" and trying to help.

Persons of "latino" (the new politically correct term) descent are not more than 40% in the US. They will be the dominant race shortly. If the illegals were counted, they would be the majority now. These are the people who will, within a few years, be running our country through the votes that they cast. It scares me to death that these same people who stood by and watched, and took pictures, and video taped and did nothing will be running this country.

November 5, 2009 - 9:09am


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