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I'm a newbe here. I've had bladder problems since I was 14 years and now I'm 67, so that is 53 years. I had dilations for 18 years, because I couldn't empty my bladder. MY bladder has torn 3 times from not empting. I moved out of state and stopped the dilations, and gradually got well. For 13 years without any bladder problems. Then I had hysterectomy in 98. I had a fibroid tumer the size of a volley ball, and it layed across my belly, so the doctor had to cut my womb across in three places. He also cut the tubes or whatever they are named from the kidney to the bladder. I left the hospital with and infection, and couldn't empty my bladder. I've had problems ever since. In 2002 or 2003 Dr. K put medicine inside my bladder that was suppost to peal off the lining to grow a new linning, he never put a name to what I had then. It didn't work. I had posterior repair after that another doctor. Then in 2005 Dr. K finally told me I had trigonitis. He put a bladder cocktail inside my bladder to peal it off again. I thought I would die, and he would not give me any pain pills! Heparin SOD 500/ML.INJ—blood thinning medicine,Gentamicin 40MG/ML.INJ—antibiotic used to treat serious bacterial infections,SOD Bicarb 8.4% INJ-- sodium bicarbonate-this is to help get to the lining of the bladder,Marcaine 0.5% INJ--antibiotic,Solu-Cortef 100MG Mill—hydrocortisone.
That was October 2008. It didn't help at all. Then Dr. K did surgery urethral support sling/mesh and rectocele/mesh February 2009. I didn't leak for almost a year, but now I have no control when my bladder gets full at night. The last time I went to Dr. k he put me on Sanctura XR 60 mg. Since he ran that whatever over my belly and I wasn't holding any urine he thought my bladder was empting, but there are many times I can't empty, and I told him. I took it for over a week, and I didn't hurt as much, but then I got where I was only trickling pee. I stopped the pills, and I have not been back to him, and that was September 2009. I'm taking Trimethoprim 100 mg one every night, and Phenazopyridine 200mg one every morning. I feel he doesn't listen to me. I'm sick of it all.

(Note: Physician name removed by EmpowHER Moderator)

May 3, 2010 - 10:54am


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