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Hi Melissa,

I'm so sorry to hear about your boyfriend. Panic attacks can be a very scary, intense experience for someone. Does your boyfriend have Panic attacks (has happened once or twice) or Panic Disorder (happens any time he is significantly stressed, leaves his house, etc.)

Panic attacks tend to get worse over time if no medication or treatment is seeked. This is one of those medical conditions that you would WANT to get professional help from, even if it is just therapy and no actual medication.

Here are some lifestyle modifications and home remedies:
*Stick to your treatment plan. Facing your fears can be difficult, but treatment can help you feel like you're not a hostage in your own home.
*Join a support group for people with panic attacks or anxiety disorders so that you can connect with others facing the same problems.
*Avoid caffeine, alcohol and illicit drugs, all of which can trigger or worsen panic attacks.
*Practice stress management and relaxation techniques. Meditation, yoga and guided imagery may be good options.
*Get physically active, since aerobic activity may have a calming effect on your mood.
*Get sufficient sleep — enough so that you don't feel drowsy during the day.

Source: Mayoclinic.com

I hope this helps!

September 13, 2009 - 12:25pm


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