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(reply to LyndaH)

So good to hear back from you. Prograf gave me too many side effects the most annoying was digestive issues. I am now on gengraf which is the old cyclosporin, I think. I also take cellcept. I also take drugs for asthma, pericarditis, high cholesterol ( which is caused by one of the other drugs). Also, bone strength, anxiety and depression. I see the dermatologist about every six weeks for numerous squamish cell skin cancer. I just recently finished 8 rounds of radiation to my nose for skin cancer. I am not into all of the knowledge behind the drugs I'm taking and what drug is for what etc. I usually just do what the good docs recommend and ask what the complications might be. Do we have a big choice? Apparently I have run out of room to type. If you want you can contact me directly. I live in Arizona. Where are you?

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November 27, 2010 - 11:52am


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