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Have you gone to get your mammograms done yet? My story could be your story. I gave up on having mammograms about 4 years ago. I was having so many other medical problems I didn't want to go for another test. It so happened that a friend of mine had a mammogram done and discovered she had stage 3 breast cancer. So I said "self" I'll go get a mammogram. Stage 1 breast cancer was found. I had to have a double mastectomy since it was the type of cancer that would come back to breast tissue. I have had no trouble dealing with losing my breast tissue. The mammogram saved my life so that I can enjoy life, my children and grandchildren.

Just call your doctors office and ask what you need to do to get a mammogram. They will tell you where to go and send lab orders to have the mammogram. All (I think) insurances will pay for the exam and if you do not have insurance the Susan D. Komen cancer fund will pay for it.

October is breast cancer awareness month and what better time to get yourself checked. Let's all stand up for ourselves and take charge of our own health care. What better gift can we give ourselves.

Have a healthy and great day.

October 7, 2009 - 5:10pm


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