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I have been on Junel for a little over four years or so. I had just started not long before I became pregnant. When I became pregnant I had actually stopped taking "to try to get my period back on track" as it was starting (light about a week before it should have). I became pregnant which was a highly welcomed event. About 3 months after having my son I went back on Junel. I didn't notice is so much as first but then my period were again off. Starting about a week before they should have been, very light (only needed a panty liner and more for my sake of mind) and then nothing when I should have had my period. I mentioned this to my doc. who said it was normal. So I have continued on. I have notice within the last year though I have become moody, even extremely tense at times when I am mad. My weight has also been an extreme issue. I weight 75 pounds more than when I became pregnant and having the worse time losing it. Just this past 2 weeks I was suppose to go back on the pill. I started and then skipped a day thinking these symptoms were connected to the pill. I had second thoughts and started again after missing 1 or 2 days. The day I went back on experiences the extreme tension and madness. I have thus stopped taking it. I immediately had a period that was almost normal. I am convinced even more that there is a connection with the Junel. I have decided I will stay off for a couple months to see what happens. I had originally been put on birth control to regulate my hormones as I would get severe cramping and vomit the first day of my period. loestrin and junel have been the two I have been on for this. i had no problems when on liestrin but switched Junel due to the cost and insurance. Does anyone have any info. for me or have you experienced the same thing?

October 14, 2010 - 5:01pm


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