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Hi Anon,

I just wanted to add an important piece of information for you regarding your high risk HPV and your decision to take oral contraceptives.

The research shows that using oral contractive pills can significantly increase your risk of developing cervical dysplasia. It also increases the likelihood of cervical dysplasia progressing into cervical cancer.

Here are the statistics on that information:
Cervical cancer risk for less than 5 yrs of oral contraception use is 10 %
5-9 yrs of use increases risk to 60%
10 yrs of use increases risk to 120%
Risk declines after stopping oral contraceptives - by 10 or more years risk level returns to that of never users.
With increased duration of oral contraceptive use there were statistically significant trends of increased risk for cervical cancer

Any woman who has tested positive for high risk HPV should seriously weigh the the risks of initiating or continuing oral contraception. It is worth while discussing other options, like the IUD, with your doctor.

Take Care

November 20, 2009 - 5:46pm


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