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Blogger (reply to Kellie - My Health Software)

What has been interesting to me is the relative silence on heart disease with respect to women. I just talked to my mother this weekend and was telling her about these articles and found out that her mother had several minor heart attacks! I never knew this and this is important information that should have been passed on to the rest of us. It really brought the subject home to me in a new way knowing that one of my grandmothers had actually suffered a heart attack.

I agree on the need for prevention/awareness for heart disease prevention in women. Because of the focus on breast cancer, the survival great is greatly improved. But more women die of heart disease and we have considerably less information out there. I know that I'll be more vocal with my girlfriends in the future. Perhaps this Empowher forum can be a start in raising awareness for all of us.

August 22, 2009 - 7:43am


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