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while i am reading all of these comments, i tried to compare the symptoms of pregnancy on my case..i started my new pack of birth control pills as an extension.i'm a Monday starter and i took 2 pills the next morning, Tuesday..i believed that,that was the only time that i missed to take my pill.and that was on my 1st week of taking them..on my 3rd week (5 more pills including the Wednesday pill) i had sex with my boyfriend.it happened last week, Wednesday, February 15, 2012 before taking my pill.i usually taking my pill at 6pm or 7pm...the thing happened between 3pm and 5pm..i was so worried..i took my pill on my usual time, 6pm that day..i asked Empowher and answered that i'll be fine coz i am still covered by the pill that i took the day before..i felt relieve..it's been 10 days now since that happened..i felt dizzy and feel like vomiting past few days,i slept and it gone..last Wednesday,February 22, 2012, i felt that my lower abdomen just in pain (it's the feeling that you'll have your period).my boyfriend and i had sex on the same day but we did use another method of birth control to avoid pregnancy.i was on my 7 days interval that time.on that day, after we had sex, my period came. im so happy but still worried until now..coz i have this feeling that i might be pregnant..i got dizzy sometimes and i feel like my lower abdomen's falling.and nowadays, i felt hungry all the time..i will take a test as soon as i finished my period..but when is the best time to take a pregnancy test to get an accurate results?

so now, please tell me..is there any chance that i might be pregnant?i'm going to start my new set of pills next week,Monday.should i start taking them or should i perform pregnancy test first?

and one more thing, what are the DO's and DON'Ts during your 7 days interval?

hoping for your soonest reply..
thank you so much..

February 24, 2012 - 12:23pm


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