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Hi ther im very scared! I think im pregnant because I hav all of the symptoms except nausea bt im stil taking birth control ive been switched from two different birth controls in the past 3 months and havnt had a period since november! I havnt went to my doctor yet because my appointment is the 13th this month so I decided to wait but the part that scares me is that my last birth control gave me no period at all so my doctor put me on a much stronger birth control to bring my period down but yesturday I was supposed to start my period bt stil nothing not even spotting! All pregnancy tests came out negative bt I feel heart beating in my stomach thatz not the same az' mine if I am pregnant I would b 6 months now shud I stop taking my birth control or wait to see if my period might stil come down? Please help me!

February 7, 2012 - 7:36am


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