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In regard to the HER GUEST comment about "There is no proof eating less more often is any better than eating a lot less often". Actually this is what I teach my clients and it does work!
By eating more meals through out your day (5-6 meals) around 300 calories per day aprox. you will definitely see a change on the scale over time. By eating this often it keeps the metabolism moving. Granted along with the mini meals you must get your body moving on a regular basis as well. And by adding in water consumption, the recommended amount...it will also add right to your success. I personally recommend to my clients in the beginning 8 - 8oz glasses per day to begin the habit of regular water consumption, then slowly move them into drinking half their body weight in oz. The more water the better! :)
I do agree that all individuals are different and what they need...but drinking water is something almost every person I know could improve upon. So drink up ladies!!

To Your Weight Loss Success!
Jennifer Rundall
Weight Loss Mentor & Coach
Thinspiration Coaching
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April 9, 2010 - 12:51pm


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