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Dr. Klien,
Really fascinating article. My favorite line is at the end, actually, when you write:' In these terrible anti-sex times, one of our most important jobs is to reaffirm that sexuality -- though complicated -- is precious, not dangerous.'
The profound truth and irony of this is that we seem to be more sexualized as a society than every before; teen pregnancy is at an all time high and sexting, web cams and over exposure in every form are becoming less and less taboo, more "normalized." However, even with all of that going on, it IS and anti-sex culture in so many ways - it's almost as if the prurient, puritanical, cut off aspects of our repression give rise to this strutting about and making a sort of clownish mockery of true, deep, connected sexuality.

Wonderful and thought provoking, thank you so much.

June 16, 2009 - 12:54pm


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