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Let me state right up front that I have ALS!

It's not 100% about how deeply you want to live, obviously, or there would be many more survivors. That being said, you can find a certain amount of people with ALS that live longer because of their attitude.

Stephen Hawkings made use of every technology available. He breathes through a trach and receives nourishment through a feeding tube. If everyone with ALS had these procedures there would be a lot more of us around. Most pALS (people with ALS) still decide not to have a trach installed. Why? Don't want to live disabled, don't want to burden their familes......

I think a big part of the dialogue is our collective negative feelings about being disabled. Stephen Hawkings didn't think like that (he's brilliant) and that's why he's alive today.

Tessa, pALS

June 11, 2009 - 4:47am


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