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(reply to damsimon)


Thanks so much for your question. First of all, I'm really glad that you're going to see a new urologist in August. I hope that he or she can help you fix this problem, because painful intercourse (especially when it was fine before) is such a difficult thing to deal with, both personally and with your partner, even when your partner is very understanding.

When you say it hurts when your husband rubs up against you, are you meaning when he rubs up against you on the outside? Or the inside? I guess what I'm asking is this: I understand that sex is painful, but are you also saying that you have pain when you feel pressure from outside your body?

I found lots of places on the internet where women were experiencing chronic pelvic pain of one kind or another after a bladder lift. Some seemed due to how and where the mesh was inserted. Others seemed to have problems with urination and pain. Because the bladder is basically lifted and fastened back into place, it seems like there are cases where things were fastened too tightly, where tissue or tendons or muscles were stretched and now cause pain.

I'll see if we can get one of our EmpowHer experts to weigh in on what causes painful intercourse after a bladder lift. Please check back here in a few days, OK?

July 9, 2009 - 9:05am


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