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(reply to Neanie)

I enjoyed reading this. This is also great advice!
I'm going to use this as well as someone else's advice to "take sex off the table for 2 weeks, don't even make it an option"
and hopefully he will want me again.
even though I try quite often to talk to him cute and lovey and touch him softly down there. and of course he had an excuse, but it definitely wasn't sexual, it was quite the opposite. and I had gotten all cute and sexy for him... everything.
You know, it's not even the sex I want. It's the WANT that I want from him, does that make sense? I want him to WANT me again, to WANT to have sex, to WANT to make out & cuddle with me, otherwise I don't want it.
BUT i'm not giving up. I'm gonna take everyone's advice and see what happens! thanks

April 17, 2010 - 4:35am


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