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Hi, I have the same problem. Me and my boyfriend has been together for a year plus now and have not been having sex for more then 3 to 4 month now. He said that he has low sex drive. I understand that but don't you think 3 month is a long time? But the thing is he watch porn online, why? Sometime it makes me feel that I'm not good enought for him, or he no longer interested in me. When ever I ask for IT he always has an excuse. I guess his porn can serve him in sexual ways and I'm here to serve him on his daily needs.

I feel really frustrated sometime, it makes me wonder is he meeting someone else!. Most of the time I feel really mad at him, just the tough of him jerking off by watching porn rather the having sex with me. Uh!.... I love this man so much best relationship I had and he the best thing ever happens to me. Just that sometime I wish he could understand that I want sex not because of just to have fun. I want sex because I miss him, I want to feel closer to him, at the same time it makes me feel special and wanted.

September 5, 2013 - 11:23am


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