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Im so happy so many are in the same boat! My bf and I have been together 5 and a half years, were still at uni but when I come home we live together alone. I've just had 4 weeks off for Christmas which is the longest I will get off until June! and we will only see eachother 2 weekends a month which is already difficult. So to my surprise in this 4 weeks, we have only had sex twice....we do it more on a rushed weekend that I'm home. I understand if he is used to me being away but we made a big deal about being excited to have 4 full weeks together and stuff. I feel like shit when he chooses to play playstation all hours into the night over being in bed with me or play on his phone or talk with his friends from FIFA. I get my hopes up every night and literally in my head think "please please please let it be tonight" and through all my efforts, looking like an idiot...nothing! Every morning...nothing! he leaves bed for a shower and I move over to his side just to smell him and I just repeatedly think "Im fat" "Im naggy" "Im unattractive" "Im not sexy" "He wishes I was someone else". I love him to pieces and I think I could deal with him saying "I just don't want sex for a while" but the sudden change and lack of kissing or touching is hurting me so much I feel unwanted and like I'm just there to clean up, make his food, company and cuddle him. I just want some answers and hopefully and answer that will give some sort of solution like I'll lose some weight or I'll be adventurous or we will wait for marriage I dont know! PHWEW feels so good to get it out, anyway I'm leaving tomorrow for uni again and I will let him know one last time how I feel so he can think about what he wants over the next couple of weeks without me there.

January 3, 2013 - 5:44am


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