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sigh girl i feel u. ure not alone. and whenever i tell him "we've only had sex twice this month" he gets upset and goes all "its crazy that you even count that" or " u sure know how to ruin a night". makes me feel so guilty for pointing it out and im just so sad and feel like crying always. i love sex, its like a part of me, my personality - really sexual, and i love oral sex i love giving bjs, but now i cant coz when i do i get all turned on and i KNOW i wont get anything back, not right after, not ever and it makes me even more sad! It's like food, i eat 3 times a day, i want sex 3 times a day, and if i get sex only 3 times a month!of course ill go crazy! wouldnt he notice if i fed him only twice a month insted of every night.

December 24, 2012 - 12:00am


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