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Wow, I am so glad to see that so many other woman are going through what I am. I literally felt like the only girl who is going through this! My boyfriend and I have been together for three and a half years. We've always had a pretty good sex life but for a couple of months now, he's wanted nothing to do with me. If I try he gets angry, I ask him why he suddenly has no interest in me and he says it's nothing. Then he told me that it's because I want to have sex so badly that it makes him not want to have sex. What does he expect though? Going from getting it whenever I wanted to not getting it at all is HARD. I've told him it makes me feel unwanted and not good enough for him. And if we DO have sex I can tell that he is just doing it to shut me up. Which makes me feel even worse. We've gotten into huge arguments over it and all he has to say for himself is that "it will pass". I've never EVER had a boyfriend that has passed up an opportunity to have sex. I just DK what to think or do anymore!

December 11, 2012 - 5:21pm


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