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Wow...You have the same exact issues i am having..only my bf has never gone down on me..he says he is just not into it. My ex bfs loved it and one guy i dated gave me oral like every chance i would let him. damn i miss it.
We have been together a year..and he has never been big on the agressiveness of maleness on the sex. I have always been the one to come on to him. Hell..Im good with 1-2 times a week..but he NEVER wants it..like he told me was that he has always been that way...just not that interested,,At first yeah..we had plenty of sex in our relationship. But damn its it only been a year..and we never do it but mabey once every 7-10 days. Im real frustrated. My ex has started talking to me again and I remember how he gave it to me. Thoughts cross my mind. I feel terrible..because I am so freaking in love with my bf but I dont know if he just wanks off to porn..or what his deal is...but he sure aint DOING me :(

November 20, 2012 - 11:04am


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